This will be a short update, just to remember you guys I’ll be running promotions on my site. Are you looking forward to start your new site, and you don’t have hosting and domain yet? Don’t miss out on this Bluehost + OmarFPG promo. You can save as much as 66% off on hosting and domain. On top of that, you can count on a 10% off from my services regarding your new host and domain.

I’ve tried the discount link and it works for all Bluehost plans: Shared, VPS, Dedicated and WP Pro. It comes with varying discounts on each plan and the amount of months you select for the first payment, with the best savings at 36-60 month deals.


Some more Bluehost discounts!

A small tip for you: if you’ll get the Shared plan, don’t rush out to buy. Instead, wait a bit, and take advantage of the exit intent (hover your mouse over the close tab or go back on the navigation keys). This will prompt a pop up with an even better deal! I tried this and it seems to work for all the three tiers for the Shared plans alone.

Compare the prices before and after this little trick below:

Basic – Before

Basic – After

Plus – Before

Plus – After

Prime – Before

Prime – After

Bluehost + OmarFPG Promo!

Please select the plan that suits you better and place your order. Once then, let me know about your purchase and we’ll start working on your project with another 10% off from my fee.

Do you have any doubts on which plan to select?

This or any other question, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to guide you through the options as well as evaluating your project to select the best plan for your needs.

You can also find this promotion at any time on a little banner on the footer of my website.

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