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Whether it is that you’re working on a new website or that you have a few websites up and running, user testing is always a great way to improve.

As a programmer, I know testing is fundamental, that’s why I always try to make everything as robust as possible. I accomplish this by thinking both as the programmer (who knows exactly how everything should work and what’s everything for), and as the end user (who may make a few mistakes here and there).

What I offer here is UI & UX testing on your website, I’ll go step by step from main page to register (if applies) and testing every page / functionality, providing insightful comments on what I did like or dislike about your site and how I think it could be improved to provide a better end-user experience and minimize possible errors or glitches along the way, all in a nice UAT report format.

  • Excel UAT results, including links to screenshots to highlight a point whenever necessary.
  • New format: if you don’t like Excel, you can now choose for PDF results with attached screenshots instead if you prefer.
  • Important side note: I Always oversell!
  • I’m open to custom offers as well
  • Please feel free to check for samples of previous works here:


Please contact me and let’s talk the details. You can also contact me through Fiverr or UpWork.


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