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I’m a computer tech guy, basically a complete geek / nerd –and loving every aspect of it. I love testing every single detail of any new gadget that lands on my hands. Whenever I get a new one I want to learn everything that is there to learn from it, and I tend to spend hours or days doing so. (My family and friends are aware that whenever there are new tech/gadgets on my hands they won’t hear much from me. Unless it is about said tech/gadgets, LOL).

I enjoy reviewing tech-related products and sharing my thoughts about them, I also love helping others whenever it’s possible; I started reviewing products on Amazon just for the fun of it, I simply enjoy it. Then I paired with a few companies that offer their products at a discount or even for free, for reviewing purposes. This allows companies to A) get quick feedback and “free” user testing on their latest inventions; and B) quickly gain some positive reviews and feedback to attract other customers and start selling faster.

Here’s my Amazon profile link for your consideration: I also intent to start sharing some of those reviews, and more to come, in-depth here on my page, on the blog section.

If you happen to be interested on me reviewing any of your products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also contact me through Fiverr or UpWork.

Best regards,

Omar Paz

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